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“Mentally Ill More Often Victims Of Violence Than Perpetrators: Study”

Violence! [Explored]

Violence! [Explored] (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

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This February 27, 2014 Health Day article on the Philly.com website talks about acts of violence among the mentally ill and demonstrates that those with mental illnesses are more likely to be the victim of violence then they are to be the one committing the violent act.  The article also indicates that the small percentage of violent acts committed by mentally ill people  is more likely to occur in the home as opposed to happening in public places.  The study recommends finding ways to curb all violence as opposed to focusing solely on access to mental health treatment.




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“Casey promoting bills to combat prescription drug abuse”

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This February 28, 2014 The Morning Call article talks about new bills being proposed by Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey aimed at curbing the rate of drug overdose related  to opioid type pain killers.


English: Bob Casey, the junior senator in the ...

English: Bob Casey, the junior senator in the United States Senate for the state of Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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