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“Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk For All Women Everywhere”

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This March 20, 2014 NPR Shots Health News article talks about a simple way to decrease the risk of breast cancer among women.  The article indicates that simply doing some form of daily exercise can decrease a woman’s risk and that the exercising can be as simple as taking a walk.

Early signs of breast cancer.

Early signs of breast cancer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“30 Naughtiest Dogs: You’ll LOL When You Find Out What They Did”

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This March 5, 2014 Pansy Panda article or maybe photo gallery would be more fitting description, offers something on the lighter side of life to enjoy.  I know I don’t usually post this sort of thing on here, but being a dog lover myself, and having laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face (not something that I usually experience).  I felt like I needed to give others something to smile about as well.  I can’t take credit for the contents of the pictures on the page I linked to, but I think even someone who tolerates dogs might get a chuckle out of some of the images on the page I linked to.  I’ve noticed that things have been pretty serious on here for a while now, so to make up for all the seriousness, I hope this offers a little balance ….. my personal favorite of the pics was the one of the dog involving the Patron Saint of Animals.



Here is a picture of my current Service Dog named “Orca” really it’s “Ora” but I was getting her name confused with my cat’s name so I added a letter and the dog is now “Orca”.

Small scruffy dog named "Orca" or "Ora" trying on her new service dog vest

My Psychiatric Service Dog, “Orca”, trying on her new vest to make sure it fits.


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