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“Study: Mental health care lacking in some counties”

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This March 26, 2014  USA Today article talks about a nationwide study that found not every county has the infrastructure to offer mental health care to everyone who needs it.

“Therapists’ Apps Aim To Help With Mental Health Issues”

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This March 26, 2014 NPR article talks about a few examples of apps that have been developed to offer extra support to people with various mental health issues, including anxiety, mood tracking, suicide prevention, and support for people who are recovering alcoholics.

I didn’t play around with any of them, but the descriptions looked to me like they could have potential.  I was a little disappointed to see that the Personal Zen app for anxiety was only available for Apple devices it is for helping people decrease their anxiety, which is something that I thought I could add to my list of tools to use to help me manage my anxiety disorder, but I’m sure if I looked around there is likely something similar for Android devices I just need to look for it 😉

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