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“Popular kids get bullied too, new study shows”

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This April 1, 2014 Mother Nature Network article talks about a dynamic of bullying that is not often recognized, but is brought to light by a recent study on bullying.

English: the picture consist of articles on bu...

English: the picture consist of articles on bullying, I obtained it from public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Video Link: “President John F. Kennedy’s 51st News Conference, March 6, 1963”

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This YouTube video was uploaded on May 18, 2009 by Helmer Reenberg the clip is about 10 minutes long and while most of the conference seems to be focused on the Cuban Crisis, Space race, funding for school lunches, and other hot topics it does mention Kennedy’s proposed bill for increasing funding for mental and intellectually disabled people in community based settings.

I found it to be interesting and sadly felt like I was watching something that could easily be heard in today’s news all you need to do is change the names of places and people involved.

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