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“Living, Not Coping”

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This February 13, 2014 article talks about the difference between living with Bipolar Disorder and coping with it.  There are also some tips for living with it.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (Photo credit: SheriW1223)

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“Mechanicsburg woman’s nonprofit takes aim at mental health issues”

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This May 4, 2014 article on The Sentinel Cumberlink.com website talks about the efforts of one woman to help reduce the stigma of mental illness while trying to also reduce the number of suicides among teens. Her non-profit organization is called “Please Live” and has a website at http://pleaselive.org

Sunday, Pretty colours to welcome Sunday morni...

Sunday, Pretty colours to welcome Sunday morning DSCF2945 (Photo credit: tomylees)

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