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“What’s it like: To get trauma-based counseling”

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This May 11, 2014 Insurance News Net article talks about what it’s like for someone who has experienced trauma to receive counseling.  Some of the examples of trauma they listed in the article included, disaster (i.e. fire, flood tornado), rape, war, or car accident.  There are many other forms of trauma that could occur, so this is just a few of them.

looking forward ...item 2..  After blast, sist...

looking forward …item 2.. After blast, sisters share road to recovery (MAY 11, 2013) …item 3d.. Finally by Fergie … (Photo credit: marsmet548)

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“Stimulant treatment for ADHD may also reduce smoking risk”

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This May 12, 2014 article found on the MNT website talks about a possible link between treating kids who have ADHD with stimulants and a decreased risk of starting smoking.  While researchers aren’t clear on why this connection exists and feel more research is needed to figure out the link, they do feel there is some connection between the two things even if they don’t understand it yet.

English: Adderall

English: Adderall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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