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“Single Gene Mutation May Predispose to ADHD”

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This June 11, 2014 post on the Medical Research and News: MedicalResearch.com blog talks about research being done that is showing that a single gene mutation could be a huge factor in why some people have ADHD and others don’t.  there is speculation that the same gene effecting ADHD may be tied to Schizophrenia also, but more research is needed to better understand this link and what can be done to correct it.

English: Medicine "Strattera" (eg. u...

English: Medicine “Strattera” (eg. used to treat ADD/ADHD) Svenska: Läkemedlet “Strattera” (som bl.a. används mot besvär av ADD/ADHD) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Pennsylvania VA clinic fifth worst for mental health care appointments in the nation, audit says”


Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pennsylvania Turnpike (Photo credit: Rhys A.)

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This June 9, 2014 LehighValleyLive.com article talks about issues that have been discovered during an audit of the Pennsylvania VA clinics with regards to mental health care.   I got the impression that while some are really bad, others do a better job, so this doesn’t say that every VA is going to have issues when it comes to mental health care, it just means there are some that need lots of improvement and others not so much.

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