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“Corbett care plan no longer cuts aid for disabled”

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This July 24, 2014 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article talks about the ongoing negotiations between the Corbett administration and the federal government over Corbett’s alternative to medicaid expansion.  The article indicates that workers with disabilities who receive MAWD will continue to receive coverage at this point and that for now the threat of losing that medical coverage has been lifted.

“Postpartum Depression Risk Reduced By Epidural Analgesia”


Baby on mother's belly right after birth, skin...

Baby on mother’s belly right after birth, skin covered in vernix and some blood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This July 23, 2014 MedicalResearch.com article talks about research that seems to indicate that a woman who has an epidural while giving birth may have a decreased risk of postpartum depression, compared to women who give birth without an epidural.


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