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“Fitness May Help Ward Off Depression in Girls”

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This August 7, 2014 Health Day article found on the Philly.com website talks about how exercise may be helpful as part of an overall approach to helping female middle schoolers decrease their risk of depression.

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  1. Here is a question, meant to encourage discussion: why do they only mention fitness decreasing depression risk for girls? Shouldn’t it work for boys too? Do you think this might be another thing that will make girls ashamed of their bodies – telling them that if they aren’t thin enough they will be depressed and therefore it’s their own fault?

    • I agree that exercise is something that could benefit both males and females with regards to treating depression, but I think on some level society expects males to be involved in athletic endeavors, where if a female is involved, somehow it seems like a monumental accomplishment. Of course when I was a kid, it seemed more unusual to see female athletes competing in much beyond gymnastics, golf and tennis, where I think now that gender barrier is being shattered. For teens though it seems that it’s easy to get the males to compete, and tougher to get girls to compete or for that matter pursue even recreational athletic endeavors. So I wonder if the study was focused on females because the researchers possibly felt that females were a tougher sell with regards to physical activity on some level, or the other thought I had is that because girls are less likely to be involved in team sports or recreational athletics it might have been easier for the researchers to setup a control group then it might have been with males. I don’t know what their reasoning was for focusing oon girls, so I’m just tossing out some thoughts I have based on my own experiences and observations. One last possibility is that statistically females tend to become depressed at a higher rate then males, so the researchers might have been factoring that statistic into their reason for focusing on girls.

      I do like that you raised the question about the focus of the study and whether or not exercise could benefit boys as well. Thanks for asking a great question 🙂

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