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“A wonder drug? Gardening’s health benefits are being rediscovered”


Grapevines from COPIA in Napa Valley, California

Grapevines from COPIA in Napa Valley, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This August 15, 2014  Eco-Pilot article talks about recent research that is confirming benefits people have said they get from gardening that reach beyond the obvious ability to have some inexpensive fresh produce during the summer.  The benefits also include mental and physical health benefits ranging from decreased bone loss to increased flexibility, easy access to a good source of Vitamin D and is found to help improve mental health along the way.  Of course my thought is that even if the mental health benefit isn’t direct, we all know that if our physical health improves, odds are our mental health will also improve in response to feeling better physically so I guess on some level the research raises the question which came first … good mental health or good physical health 🙂

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