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“Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder”

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This resource found on the HelpGuide.org website talks about panic attacks and panic Disorder in a very approachable easy to understand manner.  It offers some tips for dealing with Panic Attacks and also explains that there are medical conditions that could mimic a panic attack, and suggests what to do if you aren’t sure if you are having a panic attack or something else is wrong.

Panic attack

Panic attack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Mental Health Court an alternative for non-violent offenders”

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This October 17, 2014 article on the Philadelphia Tribune website talks about the Mental health court in Philadelphia.  It is said to be the first of it’s kind, and it’s goal is to get help for non-violent offenders who have a mental health issue, in order to set the offender up for success as opposed to failure after they have served their sentence.

English: Seal of the city of ,

English: Seal of the city of , (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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