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“Tennessee Drug Tests Welfare Applicants, Discovers Less Than One Percent Use Drugs”

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This August 7, 2014 Think Progress article talks about the finds that states who have implemented drug testing as a required test for welfare recipients are uncovering.  According to the numbers in the article the states that require drug testing find that roughly 1% or less of their applicants are using drugs.  in Tennessee, they found 0.12% of the 800 applicants were using drugs for a whopping total of 1 person out of 800 applicants.  The highest number of drug users cited in the article was 12 people in a single state during the course of the time after they began requiring drug screening.  Unless someone can show me data indicating that this is wrong, I’m going to go with the assumption that drug testing of welfare recipients is a waste of taxpayer money.

“Former Pa. Welfare Secretary Estelle Richman tapped to lead Gov.-elect Tom Wolf’s Medicaid expansion pursuit during transition”

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This November 21, 2014  The Patriot-News article talks about Estelle Richman’s new role in advising Governor elect Tom Wolf on Medicaid as part of his transitional team.

“More Americans Show Signs of Depression”

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This November 2014 Managed Care article talks about research that seems to show an increase in the number of people experiencing symptoms of Depression in the United States.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 1st week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Northampton County to offer mental health court”

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This November 20, 2014 article on The Morning Call website talks about Northampton County’s decision to start offering mental health court in their county to get non-violent offenders who have mental health issues the help they need as an alternative option to sending them to jail.

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