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“Violence, Mental Health and Public Health Come Together in Commission Report”

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This January 12, 2015 90.5 WESA article talks about a report that looked at the impact of exposure to violence in the community had on the mental health of residence and found that the mental health impact may not show up right away in children, but could show up later in their adult life.

“Prisoner patients: Pa. switches to treatment for mentally ill inmates”

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This January 12, 2015 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article talks not only about the changes being made in the Pennsylvania prison system, but goes on to remind us that it is equally important to fund mental health services in the community to help to help prevent people from ending up in jails and prisons because of crimes committed as a result of untreated mental health issues.


** Side note: I do recognize that Alcatraz is not in Pennsylvania, but chose to use the image of an Alcatraz prisoner tag because it was prison related and of the images that appeared in my results it was the most relevant.

An Alcatraz Island Prison prisoner tag

An Alcatraz Island Prison prisoner tag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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