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“Medication Cost-Cutting Plans Burden Patients And Clinicians”

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This February 27, 2015 InsuranceNews.net article talks about various cost-cutting plans for medications and the burdens being placed on patients and clinicians as a result of these plans.


“Diet May Be As Important To Mental Health As It Is To Physical Health”

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This February 24, 2015 Huffington post article talks about information that seems to point to the importance of a healthy diet for mental health as well as physical health.

“Seeking common ground in very different views of mental illness”

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This February 27, 2015 The Inquirer article found on the Philly.com website, talks about the differences between the medical model and the recovery model.

“Here’s why Gov. Wolf’s Medicaid expansion is a win for behavioral health services: Richard Edley”

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This February 23, 2015 Penn Live Op Ed article talks about what is hoped to be an improvement as Gov. Wolf transitions Pennsylvanians from HealthyPA to a more streamline traditional Medicaid program.

“Beware return of ‘asylums'”

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This February 23, 2015 article found on the Philly.com website talks about concerns over the proposed idea of returning to asylums.

“‘She’s OCD!’ ‘He’s Schizo!’ How Misused Health Lingo Can Harm”

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This December 29, 2014 NBC News article raises the question of whether or not words can hurt.

“Study: Mental illness often behind costly hospital stays”

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This February 22, 2015 Lancaster Online article talks about super-utilizers of health care services, the cost of treating them, and an attempt being made to cut their need for hospitalization being made in the Lancaster area.

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