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“Penn professors suggest bringing back the asylum”

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This January 30, 2015 article on The Daily Pennsylvanian website talks about an idea to bring back asylums, but not like what people often think of when they think of a mental health asylum.  They are thinking that bringing them back as places of sanctuary and safety where people with mental illnesses who are in danger, or unable to care for themselves well enough to safely live independently even with support can go to heal and begin their recovery journey.

English: St. Ebba's Hospital redevelopment Ori...

English: St. Ebba’s Hospital redevelopment Originally known as Ewell Epileptic Colony, St. Ebba’s now cares for patients with mental illnesses. With changes to mental health services, most of the buildings are now considered surplus to requirements and are being demolished. The tower and one or two original buildings will be retained. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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