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“Coping with Pet Loss”

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This undated article on the Help-Guide website talks about the loss of a pet and the process people may go through with the loss.

“If Physical Health Problems Were Treated Like Mental Health Problems” [Video]

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This video offers a good demonstration on how it sounds when someone who is depressed is asked “Are you even trying to get better?” or other similar advice often given to people with mental illnesses it also hits on the idea that saying you’ll “get better on your own” isn’t always helpful either.

“Taking a ‘mental health day’: Your rights in the workplace”

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This May 20, 2015 Fox News piece talks about what an employee may or may not be allowed to do with regards to taking a “mental health day”.

“Why no outrage for other victims of police brutality?”

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This May 22, 2015 article on The Hill website talks about the lack of media attention that people with disabilities get when they are victims of police brutality.

“Nearly 10 years since Harrisburg State Hospital closed, state officials tout success”

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This May 21, 2015 article on The Patriot-News site is the beginning of a series where The Patriot-News hopes to explore what the result of state hospital closures has been, with a particular focus on the impact of the closure of Harrisburg State Hospital.

“Pa. Department of Corrections names new mental health advocate for offenders”

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This May 21, 2015 article on The Patriot-News talks about the experience that Lynn Patrone brings with her as she takes on the role of mental health advocate ensuring that inmates get proper mental health care while they are incarcerated and upon release.

“Can Separate Be Equal? Ending the Segregation of Mental Health”

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This May 2015 Managed Care article talks about the segregation of mental and physical health care, the impact this model has, and why it needs to be integrated as opposed to being segregated.

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