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“A cut to Social Security disability benefits may be around the corner”

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This July 23, 2015 article from the Washington Post talks about cuts to Social Security Disability benefits that will happen by the end of 2016 unless long-term changes are made to fund the program.  The last time Social Security Disability saw this was in the 80’s and changes were made including in benefits and other measures, but with the number of Baby Boomers reaching Retirement age, it is putting extra strain on the Social Security trust fund.  If nothing is done,  the trust fund for Social Security will potentially dry up completely by on of before 2034 to 2036 (depending on the article) if nothing is done.  According to this article if Congress doesn’t act, an automatic 20% decrease for every recipient will happen by 2016 someone receiving $750 in Social Security Disability benefits would lose about $112 worth of benefits per month if it is deducted as 20% per month.

“Pa. Corrections Workers Finish First Phase of Mental Health Training”

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This July 20, 2015 Newsworks article found on the NBC10.com website talks about the first phase of training received by a number of law enforcement officers and judges in Pennsylvania

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