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“Here’s what a psychologist learned from interviewing killers”

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This June 22, 2015 article by Chris Weller on the Science Alert website talks about one Psychologist’s experiences and lessons learned while working to understand cold killers who are awaiting trial.

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  1. Dear Ms. Jenn C. I wanted compliment you on your very well done and well thought out blog which I just now discovered finally through WordPress.com’s featuring it recently in ongoing searchbot for blogs on mental health delivery issues. To introduce myself I am 39 year practicing triple boarded psychiatrist, Duke trained and former teaching faculty for the better of 2 decades, now practicing in western NC at NC’s state hospital for that part of the state. I still teach as we have “health care trainees,” from PA students, medical students, medicine residents and psychiatric residents from all over the Southeast.
    I have had a modest set of blogs, penandpsychiatrist.wordpress.com and The Mental Health Reform [https://mentalhealthreformblog.wordpress.com/] for less than two years now.
    In any case I hope we can correspond etc. I will be starting a mental health reform podcast this fall as soon as I can finish figuring out audio tech stuff on Linux, get a decent mic, and set up my podcasting host site. My hope is to whenver possible, meaning when a kindred spirit in this advocacy interest of ours, cosents my future nagging invitations, to appear “vocally” by Skype interview for discussions of these issues and I have already starting asking figures in mental health realms of work, policy, advocacy etc., to appear in the future when my zilch skills are honed so I can record, interview, edit, mix and do the hosting without a bobble. I would hope you would take a look at my sites and humble rumblings on my blogs and we can somehow work a little together as I have now read back into some volume of your archives and have been very impressed and have learned a lot.
    Sincerely yours Frank B. Miller MD DFAPA Morganton NC fmillmd@gmail.com

    • I typically don’t do interviews for any sort of audio broadcast, and prefer to utilize text based media instead. I do appreciate your interest but I need to respectfully decline at this time.

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