“A ‘digital’ drug could help patients take their medicine”

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This October 6, 2015 US News article by Kimberly Leonard and found on the AOL On  website talks about technology being reviewed by the FDA for a version of Abilify that has a small chip the size of a pencil tip that would allow professionals to verify that the medication is being taken.

I have a concern that while yes verification can be good to have, I feel as though this could offer yet another tool for those who prefer to use coercion or force choices  when dealing with people with mental illnesses …. I could see this easily be turned into something where the person is told “take your meds or we will send you to the state hospital”  without trying to understand why the person isn’t taking their meds, and simply chalking it up to non-compliance on the part of the person with a mental illness.  if it is strictly used for verification I’m ok with it, but if it begins to be used as a way to force the person into treatment they aren’t given a choice about then that’s where I have a problem.

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