To those who are celebrating ….

I would like to take a moment to wish those who are celebrating it, Merry Christmas.  May you and everyone you meet on this joyous occasion be filled with compassion, hope, and an understanding that sometimes it’s the things that money can’t buy that are the most valuable gifts we can give or receive.  Spending time with friends, family, or even complete strangers can offer memories about the time spent with them that last a lifetime.

Please be safe if you are traveling, and for those who have much try not to forget that not everyone is as blessed as you may be and that sometime the greatest gift you can give yourself not only today but everyday through every year is the warmth you feel when you’ve found a way to help someone with something they aren’t able to help themselves with but are in desperate need of whatever “it” is whether it be food, shelter, clothing, hygiene items, diapers for a little one, feminine hygiene items or whatever need a person who is struggling may have that you are able to meet, the recipient isn’t the only one who gets a gift the giver also gets a little something that money can’t buy and that they didn’t have before they took a moment to bless someone else.  Compassion, hope, and kindness are all contagious and can be a matter of life or death to the recipient.

May you be the blessing of hope, compassion, joy, and peace to others that goes beyond what words can describe…. that is the greatest gift any of us can give to any other person.

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