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“Human Trafficking Awareness for Mental Health Professionals”

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This training was presented by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center in September 2016 and is available free of charge.  It offers information for Mental Health Professionals on how to respond if they meet someone who is a victim of human trafficking.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center operates a national hotline that anyone in The United States can call if they know or even suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline
is a toll-free call anywhere in the United States


“United States: Force Against Prisoners With Mental Illness”

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Лого...

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Логотип Хьюман Райтс Вотч (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This May 12, 2015 article on the Human Rights Watch website talks about the abuse of power often used in handling mentally ill inmate that leads to injuries and even death because of what amounts to minor infractions of the rules or orders given to them.  One example in the article is about a woman who was not given her medication while she was incarcerated and at one point refused to change her jumpsuit and ended up being tasered multiple times within a matter of a few short minutes.

United Nations Human Rights

United Nations Human Rights

This review was made public on May 11, 2015 by the United Nations Human Rights Commission.  At first glance, it looks very dull, but pay close attention to the questions being asked by other countries (“Questions submitted in advance” and the addendum) as it pertains to Human Rights violations in the United States.


My question is this ….

When do we the people stand up and say enough is enough with regards to things like the brutal mistreatment of the mentally ill in jails and prisons, or racial issues or whatever other example of a human rights issue you may have in mind?  How many lives need to be lost?

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

United Nations Human Rights Council logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“When Men Are Raped”

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This April 29, 2014 article on the Slate.com website talks about an issue often ignored by our society.  The issue is about the males who are raped and how the males who experience this either don’t report being raped, or feel they can’t say anything because of how society expects views the issue of rape and who the perpetrator and victim typically is.  I have always been aware that males could be victims of sexual assault, but I was not aware of the rate that it occurred.  this article clarified that for me, and also educated me about some eye opening information about who the perpetrator of the crime often is when males are raped, honestly I was surprised when I read the answer to that, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

*** Note … this article doesn’t portray sexual acts, but offers educational insight into statistics and information about who the victims and perpetrators are.  If you have been sexually assaulted I would advise caution when reading this, because it is possible for articles about assault to trigger memories even if the article doesn’t convey the specifics of the crime.  I ask that you take care of yourself and if you feel this could be a trigger for you, please skip reading it ****

“The Benefit Of EHRs To The Prison System”

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This August 28, 2014 Business Solutions article talks about less obvious reasons why electronic health records could be beneficial in the corrections system.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

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This resource is a link to the National Child Abuse Prevention site that is sponsored in part by the Department of Health and Human Services

English: Rib fractures in an infant secondary ...

English: Rib fractures in an infant secondary to child abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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