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“More than 1 million in US face food stamps cutoff”

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This February 2, 2016 article on the World Socialist Web Site (wsws.org) talks about an impending cut to food stamps that will affect millions of low-income people in the United States unless Congress does something to stop it.


“Depression puts low-income population at even greater risk for obesity and poor nutrition”

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This March 10, 2015 Science Daily article talks about ongoing research that could be showing that treating the mental health issues of low-income people may help decrease obesity rates among this population.  The study paid close attention to low-income African-Americans in 2 separate Pittsburgh neighborhoods to see if there was any patterns to be uncovered.

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This January 5, 2015 Daily KOS article talks about cuts to the food stamp program as a result of temporary increases in funding to the program coming to an end this year.  An estimated 1 million adults will be effected by the cut.

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“Indians in juvenile detention get incarceration, but no rehabilitation”

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This November 29, 2014 Washington Post article found on the Reading Eagle website talks about issues faced by Indians on Reservations in South Dakota.

Money Monday – “How to feed your family from a food bank”

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This November 13, 2013 CNN – Eatocracy article talks about ways that people relying on food banks or other Nutrition supplement

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Nutrition • Vegetables • Peas (Photo credit: Living Fitness UK)

programs can try to improve the nutritional value of the food they acquire by doing things like purchasing items that have been marked down and other practical tips.

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“Pa. makes heating aid change to save food stamps”

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This March 7, 2014 WHTM ABC27 article talks about changes being made to the Snap program.



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“Food stamp program may reduce food insecurity for children”

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This March 3, 2014 Reuters article talks about a recent study that may show that food stamps do help curb food insecurity in families with children.


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