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Something warm and cozy

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Yes, I know that this isn’t a mental health related post, but I thought I would share a link to video of a cozy fire to warm your spirit this morning.  it’s a real fireplace and not computer generated and claims to be 10 hours of video, so if you don’t have a fireplace, but would like the sound of one while you’re doing whatever you opt to do today, here’s a simple fireplace that you don’t need to stoke or bring wood in to enjoy.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on September 7, 2012 by MyAbridged

To those celebrating Christmas my wish for all of you is that it be a safe, joyful celebration, and that the spirit of Christmas overflow from your home to help others who are struggling in some way.  I also wish that people would remember to help those in need everyday of the year though and not just around holidays.

“Holidays not a good season for everyone”

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This December 14, 2014 Bucks County Courier Times article is a good reminder that there are people who struggle immensely not just during the holiday seasons, but other times of the year as well.  The article includes a video of an interview with someone who answers a hotline number and shares her perspective on what happens that causes the spikes in calls to hotlines across the country.

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Bucks County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Bucks County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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