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Psychiatric Advanced Directives (PADs)

  In late 2004 maybe early 2005, Psychiatric Advanced Directives were legalized in Pennsylvania.  These PADs allow a Consumer to state what their wishes are with regards to treatment, care of children or pets, medications, and many other aspects of being treated for a mental illness.  This is a huge step forward for Mental Health Consumers, since it gives them the ability to make some choices regarding treatment before they actually need it, this is something that was not able to be done prior to the legalization of PADs.  I’ve been working on one of my own, but it’s been a slow process, since my county is pretty much useless when it comes to helping me set one up.  The people who should be educating Consumers about PADs know very little about them, and then there are some Consumers, like myself who in some cases, knew more about PADs before their county was willing to aknowledge the concept.  Seems backwards to say the least, but it’s a reality in my County, not one I approve of, but it is one that the powers that be seem to feel that Consumers in my area need to be required to exist under.

 I’ll be adding some links about PADs in general to the listing of links in the other collumn since it is something I feel strongly that all Consumers need to be aware of and also take the appropriate action to develope a Psychiatric Advanced Directive.

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