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Poll: Do you feel PA Medicaid should be expanded?

This poll is one I thought I would post to see what my readers thought about Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.

Those who choose to answer the poll have the option of adding their own response to the question if they don’t see a response that fits their personal views.   No personal information is collected if you choose to take part in this poll.



“Public concerned about human service cuts”


Cuts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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According to this June 7, 2012 article found on TheTRIADvocate site, they ran a poll last month and found an overwhelming number of respondents to be against the proposed cuts to human service funding.  The page also includes a link to an overview of the results of their poll.

Poll: Mental illness and the workplace

Poll: If you are not registered to vote…

Please feel free to add your own reason for not being registered to vote if you don’t see one listed that applies to you.

Poll: Are you registered to vote?

All my polls allow you to add your own response, so if you look at any of my polls and don’t see a response that fits your situation, please feel free to add it, since I can’t think of every possible response on my own, I do want to know what folks who read my blog think about the things I ask about.  The polls help me feel a little more connected to my readers in some ways I just ask that you are honest in your responses 🙂

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