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“Violent attacks and psychosis are not strongly related, study finds”

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This August 19, 2015 Article by Peter Dockrill on the Science Alert website talks about a recent study the indicates the connection between psychosis and violence is very weak at best and that it would likely be wise to consider looking at causes other than psychosis when it comes to mental health and violence.


“What Do We Actually Know About the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Mass Shootings?”

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This June 19, 2014 article on the Mother Jones website has conversations with leading experts on violence and mental illness


bipolar-symptoms-in-children (Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

“Patients With Mental Illness More Likely To Be Victims of Homicide”

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This June 18, 2014 Medical Research and News article talks about ongoing studies that are finding that people with mental illnesses are more likely to be killed than to be the person who kills someone else.


Bipolar (Photo credit: Neil. Moralee)

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