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“Federal suit says state provides inadequate mental health care”

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This December 1, 2015 article by Joe Smydo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talks about a federal lawsuit being filed by the Disability Rights Network against the Pennsylvania Dept. of Human Services citing inadequate mental health care as the reason for the suit.  Warren State Hospital, Torrance State Hospital and Mifflin County Jail are where the 3 people the suit focuses on are located.

“National mental health resources”

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This May 15, 2014 article lists a handful of national mental health resources and includes a brief summary for ea

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ch one.

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“Are all candidates for governor guilty of marginalizing the disabled and elderly?”

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This May 1, 2014 article on The Patriot-News website talks about an event in Philly that was to include a panel of people running for the office of Governor of Pennsylvania.  A mix

Tulip Closeup, Demuth Museum Garden, Lancaster...

Tulip Closeup, Demuth Museum Garden, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Puzzler4879)

of Democrat and Republican candidates were invited, but in the end all the candidates didn’t make it to the even and only three Democrat candidates sent proxies in trying to keep their word.

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“DRN, MHAPA, and PMHCA Oppose Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2013”

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA)

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) (Photo credit: House GOP)


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This December 17, 2013 article on the Mental Health America (MHA) website talks about the opposition by the Disability Rights Network (DRN), Mental Health Association of Pennsylvania (MHAPA), and the Pennsylvania Mental Health Association (PMHCA) to Rep. Tim Murphy’s bill disguised as mental health reform.




Medical Assistance Co-pay fact sheet from PA Health Law Project

File Link – GA co-pays

The file linked above is a fact sheet from the Pennsylvania Health Law Project discussing what someone in the Medical Assistance program can expect if they are unable to pay for services or medication.  It is a little less than 2 pages in length so it isn’t very long, but it does contain some good info that folks should be aware of.


DVC November 2010 Newsletter


The above link will allow you to download the November 2010 Newsletter for the Disability Voting Coalition.  I just received it within the past couple days, because the person who sends it out has been off with health problems, so there was a delay in it being sent out to folks.  On  behalf of the person who distributes their newsletter, I apologize for the delay.

Update on DVC call for State Performance Audit

DVC Powerpoint

The above link will allow you to download a powerpoint presentation explaining why the Disability Voting Coalition of PA is calling for a performance audit with regards to voter registration of those who are elderly, disabled, or low-income.

Also a reminder that Wednesday of this week  is their monthly organizer call in.

here is the info from the email I received about the call in and the included powerpoint presentation ….

Hello, Disability Voting Coalition Members! This is to remind you that the DVC monthly organizer call will be this Wednesday, October 20 from 10:30 am – 12 noon. All DVC members are welcome to participate in this FREE conference call.

o   Here is the call-in information: The toll-free call-in number is 1-866-352-3799.  The participant code is *3493497* (yes, that is “star” before and after 3493497 — don’t forget the stars).

o   Topic of the call:

§  Election Day preparation

§  DVC request to Auditor General Jack Wagner to conduct a “Performance Audit” of Pennsylvania’s compliance with the voter registration requirements of the National Voter Registration Act

The attached Powerpoint gives some background information on WHY we will be requesting a performance audit and will help you prepare for Wednesday’s call.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support!


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