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“Reprieve for end of Psychiatric Rehabilitation transportation”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Chester County

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The link above found on the Phoenixville News website on July 16, 2011.  It discusses an issue regarding transportation for Consumers attending a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, which if transportation is discontinued or another source of transportation isn’t found there will be folks who will lose access to this service.

Special thanks to LeClaire who let me know about this article.

“Leadership Changes at OMHSAS”


The above link showed up in one of my many Google Alerts, and I thought it might be worth passing along to give folks an idea of what kind of changes are occurring within OMHSAS.   The site is dated April 22, 2010 and is pretty brief but does give a nice overview of who is where in OMHSAS with Joan Erney stepping down it seems to have caused a bi of a domino effect with regards to positions.  Though I sould say not all positions were effected because of Joan Erney stepping down, there were others who stepped down as well which contributed to what kind of makes me think of calling this the OMHSAS shuffle.  No disrespect intended with that I just pictured this choreographed dance occurring as I read through the run down of who is going to be in what position and if it is an acting role or a permanent one.  One of the hazzards of having a mind that conjurs images of everything I read I guess 🙂

“A Call For Change” OMHSAS Publication

A Call for Change is a publication of the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, it offers insight into what the future may hold for Consumers and their families with regards to the drive to empower Consumers and encourage the use of the Recovery Model

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