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“Recovery Works Summit 2016”

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Upcoming Recovery Works Summit 2016 the above link takes you to the site containing all the nitty-gritty details.

The Summit is to be held…

Sept. 27, 2016 in Harrisburg, PA

Click here for more details

“DRN, MHAPA, and PMHCA Oppose Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2013”

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA)

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) (Photo credit: House GOP)


Article Link


This December 17, 2013 article on the Mental Health America (MHA) website talks about the opposition by the Disability Rights Network (DRN), Mental Health Association of Pennsylvania (MHAPA), and the Pennsylvania Mental Health Association (PMHCA) to Rep. Tim Murphy’s bill disguised as mental health reform.




“Certified Peer Specialist Training Opportunity for Veterans or Active Military”

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Date: January 22 and 23, 2014
Harrisburg DGS Annex Complex
Application must be postmarked or faxed by December 6

Follow the link at the top for more details about how and where to apply.


“WATCHBLOG: Pennsylvania to get $2.7 million to help navigate the federal health care law”

Article Link

This August 16, 2013 article found on the Pennsylvania Independent Watchblog talks about funding made available to several agencies for helping folks navigate healthcare options starting on October 1, 2013.  Among the grant recipients in Pennsylvania were at least two mental health related organizations.

“SPOTLIGHT ON: Acts of Faith and Giving During Challenging Times”

Article Link

This is a spotlight found on the I’m The Evidence Campaign website, it was posted for November/December based on the information on the page.  The piece talks about a couple different Mental Health organizations that have struggled due to budget cuts, and what kind of determination and creative thinking has allowed them to keep going despite financial problems.

“PMHCA Joins Lawsuit to Stop Budget Cuts”

Webpage Link

This page found on the PMHCA website indicates they have joined in the lawsuit to try and stop Gov. Corbett’s proposed cuts to the mental health budget.  The information is dated March 28, 2012 and includes other resources pertaining to the cuts and the fight to oppose them.


“Glenn Koons Certified Peer Specialist Scholarship”

PMHCA and MHA have teamed up to creat a scholarship fund for Certified Peer Specialist training, in honor of Glenn Koons.   For more information, please visit … http://www.pmhca.org/about/KoonsScholarship.html

A Success! :)

I had fun at the PMHCA conference, but it truly is good to be back home.  Things seemed to be more relaxed overall  I think I heard someone say there were about 420 people in attendance, workshops were informative, and while I didn’t attend any of the caucuses, I found the reports to be very informative.

I had attended the 2008 PMHCA conference, which I believe had 620 people in attendance, and I felt more relaxed at this year’s conference then I did at the 2008.  it was crowded at times, but in general it was possible to walk from place to place without constantly being in shoulder to shoulder contact with other people unlike the 2008 conference where it was crowded and very noisy.

The atmosphere was calmer at this year’s conference, PMHCA was wonderful in helping me out by making a little announcment asking folks not to feed or pet the service dog.  I believe this also made a huge difference in how much I enjoyed the conference since everyone got that little reminder early on.  I was able to reconnect with old friends, and also meet some folks face to face I had only known on Facebook, I also met many other wonderful people.

I found out from one person that the “information overload” I feel so often and resort to things like an ipod and blue tinted sunglasses, might actually be a hypersensativity thing possibly associated with my diagnosis of ADHD.  I had known that the color blue had a calming effect on me, and that wearing my blue sunglasses seemed to help a lot, but never really figured out why it helped.  So to the gentleman who happens to wear infrared filtering glasses for a similar reason, and offered that bit of insight to me, I really appreciate the lead and will be looking into it further.

One workshop I attended was about advocating for folks in personal care homes.  I wasn’t overly surprised about what was given as examples of their findings while surveying folks residing in personal care homes.  In many ways what I had heard confirmed a lot of what I had thought I was seeing locally.

Some things that were confirmed included …

  • Isolation of folks living there.  this isolation could be geographicly induced, but many times it is because once someon is in a personal care home the ‘out of sight out of mind’ concept kicks in and former friends and even family will often loose touch with the person in the personal care home.
  • Financial issues … folks in personal care homes in Pennsylvania are suppose to receive $85 a monh from their Social Security benfits.  While there are homes that abide by this, it is not allways the case.  There are places that don’t give any of that money to their residents while others only give the resident a portion of it.
  • Often it is very difficult for someone in a personal care home to move out if they want to.  because all their money is tied up in the personal care home except maybe $85 it is nearly impossible for folks to realistically be able to save up enough money to be able to afford to pay for first/last month rent + a security deposit without the help of a friend or family member, which because of the isolation factor there isn’t always someone who can help someone move out of a personal care home.
  • Many times, personal care homes require that they also be the representative payee for the resident. Which in my opinion and the opinion of others seems like a HUGE conflict of interest.  Myself and others feel that there should be an independant 3rd party who takes this role and that there is no reason for the personal care home to take on that role for any resident.

There are more things then that that I felt like I got confirmation on indicating that the problem was wider spread then just my local area.

At any rate, the conference was awesome for me, and I’ve decided that my personal goal is to try and save enough to go next year.  The folks will begin planning for next year’s conference within the next week or so, and while they plan, I’ll be coming up with budget strdegies of my own to hopefully enable myself to be able to attend.

Thanks PMHCA for all you did for the conference, and also for everything you do beyond the conference that I’m only beginning to fully realize the immensity of the task you have chosen to take on.  Keep up the awesome job and know there are many backing you.


Update on the conference

It seems like things are going pretty smooth I think I heard there were about 420 folks registered in attendence, so it was a smaller group then what I experienced in 2008.

I was more at ease this time around, though today as I pack I’m feeling a tad anxious … despite knowing the conference would end and I would return home, it’s a change and however good the change may be, it’s still a change and well I have trouble with change.  I learned a lot this year and truly hope to return in the future

Having a bit of trouble staying focused right now, so I’m going to make this short and finish up on my packing … have to be out of my room in about an hour and a half, so it’s time to stop procrastinating.  Will write more about my experiences here once I’m home.

I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone I came in contact with here who refrained from petting Tippy without getting my permission first.  It was a HUGE help to me, and I wanted to be sure to let folks know I appreciated the kindness in that regard.  Everyone was awesome!

PMHCA Conference Day 1

The first day of the conference went well from what I could tell.  I attended a workshop called “Invisible No More!”  dealing with issues surrounding personal care homes.  I was taking notes during the workshop, but there was so much info, I need to go over the notes before I go into details about what was discussed.  The basic gist is that there is a need for advocacy, and reforms in how folks in personal care homes are treated some are great, but others are equally as bad with others somewhere inbetween the two extremes in terms of car of residents.

I had done a blog entry not to long ago about Support The Journey, well, they happened to have a table here at the conference and since I had been eyeing up a hat on their website, I decided to go ahead and get it here at the conference, so I am the proud owner of a new baseball cap that has “I’m the evidence” embroidered on the front of it.  it is part of the “I’m the evidence” campaign  I need to check to be sure, but I think that part of the procedes from items bought from Support the Journey during the conference will be going to support PMHCA I know PMHCA is one of the organizations they support through their website.

http://www.supportthejourney.com  will take you to the site associated with the table I bought my hat from

and the address for the I’m The Evidence (ITE) campaign is at http://itecampaign.org

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