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“Schizophrenia Tied to Much Higher Risk of Suicide Attempts”

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This February 18, 2016 HealthDay article found on the Philly.com website talks about research on 101 Canadians who had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia in which it was found that there was an increased risk of suicide attempts within the group than seen elsewhere.

Sexual Consent Explained in the most British Way Possible

“Cartoons Prove That ‘Helpful Advice’ For People With Mental Health Problems Often Isn’t Very Helpful At All”

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This November 14, 2014 Huffington Post UK article demonstrates how the “advice” often offer to people with mental health issues sounds when applied to physical health issues, definitely offers something for us all to consider before offering advice to someone with any sort of illness.

“Serious Childhood Burns Tied to Long-Term Mental Health Risks”

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This September 4, 2014 Health Day article found on the Philly.com website talks about an Australian study that found that people who were treated for severe burns ranging from 1 to 80 percent of their body as children were at greater risk of developing depression or becoming suicidal later on.  The study also found that the person who had been burnt typically didn’t attribute their depression or suicidal thoughts to the burns. They generally pointed  to an unrelated issue that occurred later in life.

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English: Image for mental health stubs, uses two psych images – psychiatry (medicine) and psychology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Smoking and mental health, what’s the connection?”

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This July 15, 2014 article on TheGuardian website in the United Kingdom talks about the high number of people with mental illnesses who smoke and looks at not only research, but offers some insight into some things that could be considered to be “cultural views” on smoking within the mental health community that have been historically seen in both the professionals and the people who are diagnosed with a mental illness.  The article also seems to say that it is harder for someone with a mental illness to quit smoking than it is for someone without a mental illness to carry out the same thing.  While researchers don’t know why this is, there is definitely a growing trend towards trying to understand this strong connection between mental illness and tobacco addiction.


Smoke (Photo credit: paulbence)

“Study: Bullied Kids at Risk for Mental Health Problems 40 Years Later”

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This April 23, 2014 article on The Atlantic website talks about a long-term study done in the United Kingdom tracking about 18,000 people from birth thru age 50  looking at the effects of bullying on them.  The findings showed that kids who were bullied seem to be at a higher risk of life long issues including but not limited to mental, physical and economic impacts.

Topographic map of the United Kingdom.

Topographic map of the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Giving Up Smoking: The New Way to Get ‘Rich’ Quick?”

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This undated article on the Money.co.uk website offers some insight into the financial benefits of quitting smoking.

I am a former smoker myself, and when I quit, I was spending about $150 per month on smokes and was averaging about 4 or 5 cartons per month around the year 2009.  I found at that time that cost of items to help me quit was far less than what I was paying per month for smokes.  my insurance covered Chantix which worked well for me, so I think I paid $10 or less for my supply of Chantix.  I bought lots of hard candy which cost me about $10, but was very helpful when I would get cravings or feel like I needed to be doing something with my hands or mouth to keep them occupied.  The first thing I noticed after I quit was that I was less stressed due to financial issues, because I had an extra $150 to work with each month.  So even though quitting smoking was challenging, the financial reward was priceless.

A 21 mg dose Nicoderm CQ patch applied to the ...

A 21 mg dose Nicoderm CQ patch applied to the left arm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Study: Social Media Can Locate, Identify Mental Health Needs”

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English: Orthographic map of Mexico centered at 25° N, 102° W. Official territory. Claimed territories. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This March 17, 2014 iHealthBeat article talks about a recent study done involving two years of twitter feeds from 4 cities in Mexico that is attempting to see if it is possible to predict changes in the need for mental health services in an area based on data analyzed from those tweets.  They compared keyword usage and frequency in tweets to events that were occurring in the cities and based on this analysis, it is felt that social media might be a useful tool for pinpointing areas in greater need of mental health services.


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“New study shows saliva test could predict which teen boys get depression”

On the Threshold of Eternity

On the Threshold of Eternity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This February 19, 2014 The Mercury Lifestyle article talks about a new test that may be helpful in predicting whether there is a risk for a male teen to later be diagnosed with major depression.  The test has been tried in both men and women, but findings show that it is more exact in men then it is in women.   The test looks at cortisol levels in the saliva which is used as a gauge to predict the risk of depression.  The test is being looked at in London, but is something that could be useful if it proves to be accurate in the long run.

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“Asperger’s theory does about-face”

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This May 14, 2009 article on thestar.com website talks about empathy and how it is felt by people with Aspberger’s Syndrome or Autism


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