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“First Friday Brings Community Together to Support Mental Health”

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This May 2, 2015 State College article talks about their community event called “First Friday” that was held recently to try to use art and music to bring the community together and offer opportunities for the awareness of the need to discuss mental health issues and not trying to sweep them under the rug to be brought to the forefront.  There was a tour, of 40 businesses as well as a presentation at the end of the tour.

“Dozens of Businesses Take ‘Time’ to Support Mental Health Awareness Campaign “

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This April 29, 2015 State College article not only reminds us to stop and take a deep breath once in a while, but also talks about various projects for raising awareness about mental health issues and the stigma that often faced by the people who struggle with them.

“Community Art Project Recycles Old Shoes to ‘Stomp Out’ Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness”

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This January 14, 2015 StateCollege.com article talks about a project involving recycled sneakers that came about after the artist lost a sister to suicide. The artist hopes to make these “Stompers” to work towards stomping out the stigma surrounding mental illness.

“No easy answers for helping homeless”

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This December 26, 2014 Centre Daily Times article talks about some of the issues faced by people who want to help people who are homeless and who have mental health issues.

“Early intervention and education are key to combating mental illness: Anne Reeves”

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This February 21, 2014 PennLive article talks about the


Marguerite Clark

Marguerite Clark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


that was founded in 2012 by Sharon C. Engdahl.


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“Lewis Diuguid | Open the dialogue on mental illness”

Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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this December 18, 2013 article on the Centre Daily Times website talks about the invisible disabilities specifically serious mental illness and encourages people to open a dialogue about mental illness.

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