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“Homelessness: Not limited to holidays”

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This December 21, 2014 article found on The Sentinel (Cumberlink.com) talks about homelessness and how it is defined by agencies who try to help those who are homeless.  Not every person who meets the definition for homelessness is living under a bridge according to the article.

English: Homeless man in New York 2008, Credit...

English: Homeless man in New York 2008, Credit Crises. On any given night in USA, anywhere from 700,000 to 2 million people are homeless, according to estimates of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Candlelight vigil to be held in Carlisle for mental health awareness”

Candlelight Vigil in Hong Kong for the 18th An...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This September 28, 2014 The Sentinel article talks about an upcoming candle light vigil, meant to raise awareness of mental illness, to be held on October 5, 2014  at 6:30pm on the steps of the Cumberland County Courthouse at the Square in Carlisle, PA.

This vigil is part of Mental Illness Awareness Week which runs from October 5 – 11, 2014

“Midstate police trained to deal with mental illnesses”

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This June 7, 2014 article on The Sentinel website talks about some of the training that law enforcement receives in Cumberland County to help them better respond to someone with a mental illness.

Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Food stamp cuts to affect 3 million in Pa. and N.J.”

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This article on the Philly.com website talks about the cut to food stamps that will be felt by every recipient in the country.

“Here’s why voter ID will be requested, not required, in November elections: PennLive letters “

Nouormand: Êlections au mais d'Octobre 2008, Jèrri

Nouormand: Êlections au mais d’Octobre 2008, Jèrri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This October 15, 2013 article found on the Patriot-News powered Penn Live website in Central Pennsylvania, explains why voters will be asked for ID at the coming election, but NOT required in most cases to present it.  the long-standing rule about someone who is a first time voter at their assigned polling place will still apply.  Voters who have voted at their assigned polling place before will be asked for id, but NOT required to show it.  The new Voter ID law is still on hold by order of the state Supreme Court. Here’s a link to an August 16, 2013 article that talks about the court ruling on Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law found on the HuffPost website


“Guest Editorial: Homeless by circumstance, not by choice”

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This May 4, 2013 article on the Sentinel website talks about the face of homelessness in Cumberland county and some of the reasons for homelessness.

“Tour shows what it is like to be a homeless person in Cumberland County”

Cumberland County Courthouse (1846)

Cumberland County Courthouse (1846) (Photo credit: origamidon)


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This April 28, 2013 article on the cumberlink.com website for The Sentinel is about a recent tour of services that are for helping homeless people.  The tour was for giving Legislative delegates and Officials a better idea of what it is like to be homeless in Cumberland County.








“Three videos of mental health patients telling their stories”

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The videos on this page dated April 13, 2012 talk about the concerns and fears shared not only by the people in the videos, but also by many others who like them will be affected by Gov . Corbett’s proposed mental health budget cuts.

One person is someone I count among my friends, I raise my hat to Joe for his courage in taking part in the video project.  I also commend the other people as well because it takes courage to stand up and say this is what will happen to my life and the lives of others.  Thank you to all three of them for their courage.

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