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“Get Help During Recovery Month”

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This September 5, 2014 InsuranceNews.Net article talks about events in York County, PA this month being held to celebrate Recovery Month

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting York County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting York County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Gratitude for art show (letter)”

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This letter was written to thank the folks involved with the Bell Socialization Services,  Mental Health Recovery art show.  I wish that more pieces of this nature would be seen in the media showing that there are things that are positive that people with mental illnesses do and that we are not all violent criminals that the media would have the public think we are.  I tip my hat to the folks involved with the art show in this article and the many other projects/contributions that people with mental illness make that go hugely unnoticed.

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“York Hospital Auxiliary pledges $1 million to behavioral health unit”

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This April 16, 2014 article on the York Dispatch website talks about the York Hospital Auxiliary’s recent pledge to give $1 million to help add several mental health treatment rooms in the York Hospital’s emergency department.

English: York Hospital Front entrance

English: York Hospital Front entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Food stamp cuts to affect 3 million in Pa. and N.J.”

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This article on the Philly.com website talks about the cut to food stamps that will be felt by every recipient in the country.

“Here’s why voter ID will be requested, not required, in November elections: PennLive letters “

Nouormand: Êlections au mais d'Octobre 2008, Jèrri

Nouormand: Êlections au mais d’Octobre 2008, Jèrri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This October 15, 2013 article found on the Patriot-News powered Penn Live website in Central Pennsylvania, explains why voters will be asked for ID at the coming election, but NOT required in most cases to present it.  the long-standing rule about someone who is a first time voter at their assigned polling place will still apply.  Voters who have voted at their assigned polling place before will be asked for id, but NOT required to show it.  The new Voter ID law is still on hold by order of the state Supreme Court. Here’s a link to an August 16, 2013 article that talks about the court ruling on Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law found on the HuffPost website


“State budget: County officials say proposed human services funding better this year”

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This February 8, 2012 article found on the ydr.com website out of York County, PA, talks about Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget for human services.

“A dad contemplates his autistic son’s future”

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This June 22, 2012 article found on the York Daily Record website offers some insight into what it can be like for a parent of a child that has a disability who graduates from high school and is now an adult.  The article is written from the perspective of the Dad of a child with Autism.

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