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“Coping with Pet Loss”

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This undated article on the Help-Guide website talks about the loss of a pet and the process people may go through with the loss.

“The Power of Pets”

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This November 9, 2010 Esperanza article talks about the healing and supportive nature that pets can have on people with mental illnesses.

“Community Art Project Recycles Old Shoes to ‘Stomp Out’ Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness”

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This January 14, 2015 StateCollege.com article talks about a project involving recycled sneakers that came about after the artist lost a sister to suicide. The artist hopes to make these “Stompers” to work towards stomping out the stigma surrounding mental illness.

“Grieving a Child with Mental Illness”

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This October 12, 2014 post on the “Life With Bob Blog” located on the Healthy Place website talks about the grieving that parents of children with mental illnesses often experience when their child is diagnosed and through the child’s life.

English: An American Lady butterfly against a ...

English: An American Lady butterfly against a cloud-filled sky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We Are All Connected: Reflection on Robin Williams’ Suicide”

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This September 30, 2014 post by Pat Deegan put into words so much of what I wasn’t finding words for with regards to the death of Robin Williams.  Pat’s post offers hope, compassion and understanding, without focusing on so much of what we initially saw in the media in the aftermath of Robin’s death.  For those who don’t know, Pat Deegan is a Psychologist, and is also a Consumer in that she has a diagnosis of Schizophrenia.  Due to her somewhat unique position, she is able to speak to both professionals and other people with mental illnesses, and has created the Common Ground software to help people with mental illnesses communicate easier with their psychiatrists.  The post is well worth reading, and like I said it isn’t your typical Robin Williams article.

“When a Parent Dies, What Helps a Child Cope?”

English: Parent, Québec

English: Parent, Québec (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This March 14, 2014 Health Day article on the Philly.com website talks about children who have experienced the loss of a parent.  The article suggests that help for kids should include not just psychological help in the form of play therapy, but should also look at support for academic success.




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