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I prefer to use the internet as a point of contact, and a couple specific ways I can be reached ….

Feel free to refer to me using my first name ‘Jenn’, or by using my alias I commonly use online which is ‘Jenca’

Email – 



Pretty much I aim to gather and relay information and resources through this blog.

Things I will NOT consider posting here include …

anything promoting stigmas, stereotypes, discrimination, hate or violence towards any group or person whether it be for race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, income level, disability.  I also will not allow information to end up on here that is intentionally slanderous of a group or person.  Also if you are selling anything don’t contact me about your allegedly legal prescription drugs … I’m NOT interested and won’t subject my readers to that stuff.

However if you are with a reputable mental health related organization here in Pennsylvania I would consider helping out with a post promoting your efforts but I need to be able to verify the legitimacy of the effort before I will consider adding it and it needs to at least in part benefit folks in Pennsylvania.

My goal is to be as neutral as possible and be a source of reputable information that is helpful in improving and strengthening the mental health community in Pennsylvania.  In my personal life I am aiming for balance in every aspect of my life and I am attempting to apply that to this blog as well, though I am human and as such am prone to error from time to time no matter how careful I may try to be there is always room for improvement.

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