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  Healthy discussion is welcome as long as it adheres to the standards listed above.  Keep in mind that the text you see on your screen was written by a human who also has feelings, and the right to hold their own opinion.  Please be respectful of others including the blog author, and other readers of this blog when you send a comment.  If you wouldn’t want something said about you, then please don’t say it about someone else.

Also note that by posting a comment here, I am not responsible for anything that occurs as a result of the act of voluntary self-disclosure on the part of the person making the comment.  Names are included exactly as the poster of the comment types it.  I do not edit the content of comments.  Comments posted here are considered to be public and as such are viewable by anyone with internet access.  if the comment is specifically for me, and you do not want it posted publicly.  I will respect that wish, but if there is no indication that the comment is solely for me, and does not fall under the heading of spam, it will be posted exactly as it was written by the person who wrote it.

I am a full supporter of the networking of information and as such if I don’t know an answer to something, and a comment is not clearly labeled as being private, I will approve the comment in hopes that maybe another reader will have the answer the person is looking for.

In the event that a person posts a comment and then later decides they want me to remove the comment, I will do my best to respect that request as well.

Names are posted exactly as they are typed by the person leaving the comment.  If you do not wish to post your real name, I fully support using aliases or nicknames in the name field of the comment form.  I am also supportive of folks simply stating “Anonymous” in the name field if they so desire.  Including your real name with a comment with regards to this blog is considered self-disclosure and as such places the author of the comment in a place of sole responsibility for that disclosure.  I am not responsible for any actions taken by employers, family, friends, or strangers on the street as the result of an individual choosing to voluntarily use their real name in a comment here or anywhere else online. 

Jenn “Jenca” C.