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These are internal links to pages within this blog taking you to organizations working at the state and national level and in some cases, the regional and county level.

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  1. I do what I can to keep things interesting here, I personally hate dry information for granted it does serve a purpose, but when it comes to readability it doesn’t do much for me personally. So, since I’m not much for dry material I try to keep things interesting because that’s what I would look for in this sort of blog. in short things that bug me about other sites/blogs .. etc. are generally things I attempt to avoid posting here or on my website. Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for sharing, please keep an update about this info. love to read it more. i like this site too much. Good theme ;).

    • Thanks, My plan today is to wade through my google alerts and see if I can find anything to post here, but if I don’t I hope to at least get some ideas of things to share so there might be new content coming for you to read today 🙂

  3. I have no problem with you or anyone for that matter citing my blog. I’m familiar with AC I’ve published some things on there myself, but for me it’s more something I do to give my writing a purpose and not so much as a job if that makes sense.

    With regards to the link, as long as you at least include the address for my blog along with the name I’m fine with that. Even if it is a link that someone would have to copy/paste into their address bar, it works for me, though an actual link would be preferred, I do understand irt isn’t always something that is possible to do.

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