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“The Benefit Of EHRs To The Prison System”

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This August 28, 2014 Business Solutions article talks about less obvious reasons why electronic health records could be beneficial in the corrections system.

Resource: “Front Porch Project®”

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This resource is a project called the Front Porch Project aimed at decreasing child abuse and neglect.

“National Child Abuse Prevention Month: Improving the well-being of all children”

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This March 25, 2014 Philly.com Healthy Kids article reminds us that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month a time that should remind us to keep an eye on those less vulnerable and help those who are in harm’s way whether it be from physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse, these can all have life-long effects on those who are abused.

English: Rib fractures in an infant secondary ...

English: Rib fractures in an infant secondary to child abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“War on homelessness: U.S. veterans deserve a roof over their heads”

English: Homeless Woman Iraqi War Veteran in W...

English: Homeless Woman Iraqi War Veteran in Wheelchair and her Chihuahua, at San Diego Stand Down. Photograph by Patty Mooney of San Diego, California, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This January 21, 2014 article on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about efforts being made to help Veterans get off the streets and into some basic housing.

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“Lebanon County teens taught of dating turned violent”

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This February 10, 2013 article found on the Lebanon Daily News website talks about some of the problems teens are facing today when it comes to dating.  The article also talks about what is being done in Lebanon County, to try to help teens and their parents better understand the risks and look at ways to prevent teen violence while dating.

Update on SB 699 (revised)

I received word yesterday, that SB 699 has passed the state senate and is now on its way to Governor Randell to hopefully be signed by him. 

For more information about SB 699, please visit the PMHCA website where they offer a brief description of it on their site at … http://pmhca.org/?page=news_detail&id=720

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