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“Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions: 7 Myths”



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This article appearing in Summer 2014 edition of SAMHSA News talks about the myths and facts of what happens when a child receiving mental health services turns 18 and is viewed by society as an adult.    This transition age is a challenging one not just for the individual, but for the parents and care takers of them who understand the realitiy of the individual’s situation and what their realistic abilities are compared to society’s expectations based on a chronological age.

“Study: Bullied Kids at Risk for Mental Health Problems 40 Years Later”

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This April 23, 2014 article on The Atlantic website talks about a long-term study done in the United Kingdom tracking about 18,000 people from birth thru age 50  looking at the effects of bullying on them.  The findings showed that kids who were bullied seem to be at a higher risk of life long issues including but not limited to mental, physical and economic impacts.

Topographic map of the United Kingdom.

Topographic map of the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“The Computer Game That Helps Therapists Chat to Adolescents With Mental Health Problems”

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This August 6, 2013 article on the MIT Technology Review website talks about a game that helps bridge the gap between a therapist and an adolescent patient. The game is played by the teen, while the therapist sits next to the teen as more of a guide as the teen explores the game the therapist talks with the teen creating a bit of a bridge for the therapist to connect with the teen.


“Pitt Researchers Say Diet Links to Hyperactivity, Learning Problems in Teens”

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This August 1, 2013 article indicates there could be a link between a generational Omega-3 deficiency and increase in hyperactivity and learning problems

“Program helps teens deal with depression, suicide thoughts”

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This April 6, 2013 article on the Meadville Tribune website talks about a program that was started by a teen who had lost a friend to suicide.  The program is called “Aevidum Empowered by Minding Your Mind” or simply Aevidum for short.  I was impressed that a teen came up with this idea and is supported by their family in their endeavors.


“Depression Rates Rise for Girls During Teen Years”

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This August 1, 2012 article on Philly.com talks about an increase of teen girls being diagnosed with clinical depression.  It also points out that while medication can be helpful, there are also other possible treatments for depression that may not need medication, but have a focus on health and wellness.

“Local Doctor Urges Parents To Watch For Warning Signs Of Teen Suicide”

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This June 13, 2012 article on the CBS Philly website talks about the need for parents to engage their kids in conversation and be aware of changes in their teen’s behavior that could be warning signs of something more serious.

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