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“Proposed state budget cuts would hit home: Corbett plan to cut funding for human services by 20% deemed ‘unprecedented.'”

Counties comprising the Lehigh Valley region o...

Counties comprising the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article found on The Morning Call website on April 20, 2012 talks about the impact of Corbett’s proposed budget cuts and what it could mean not only for specific programs in the Lehigh Valley, but also what a loss of these vital programs would mean to those who rely on those services.  There is also comments discussing the concerns of those at the county level who will be faced with having to figure out what to or not to cut and the feeling that they are left doing Corbett’s dirty work so to speak if his proposed budget is approved.

This is a lengthy article, but it has a lot packed into it and hits on many different perspectives.  It should be noted that while this article is specific to Allentown area, the concerns raised seem to be echoing across the entire Commonwealth.

“Schools can help students cope with depression”

Counties comprising the Lehigh Valley region o...

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This article published on December 27, 2011 on the Lehigh Valley Morning Call, discusses a program being offered by The Weller Health Education Center in Easton who is working with Capital Blue Cross to offer a depression awareness program to high school teens to help break down stigma and increase the chance that teens can get help if they need it.

“Proposed Bethlehem Township center would treat up to eight with mental illness”


Counties comprising the Lehigh Valley region o...

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This article dated December 1, 2011, on Lehigh Valley‘s, The Morning Call, discusses a facility being proposed in Bethlehem Township to house and treat up to 8 folks with serious mental illnesses.  The facility has been proposed by NHS Pennsylvania.

“New mental-health ward slated for Sacred Heart”


The nightmarishly long link above will take you to a full artical on the morning Call website that discusses a new treatment unit being opend at Sacred Heart Hospital in response to the closing of Allentown State Hospital.  The unit will be able to admit folks for upto 180 days according to the article so it will be a longer term unit but smaller in size then Allentown State Hospital.

I do appollogize for the link if it were my work I would have made it MUCH shorter and more humane, but it is the work of the folks at Morning Call.

“Allentown State Hospital Undergoes a Slow Painful Death”

Allentown State Hospitalhttp://www.mcall.com/opinion/yourview/mc-alex-thomas-allentown-state-hospit20100616,0,2105275.story

This is an Opinion article found in The Morning Call talking about what the process of closing Allentown State Hospital has been like so far from the perspective of a staff Psychiatrist who works there.

Haven House in Allentown to relocate


Haven House has been told that with the closing of Allentown State Hospital, they will need to relocate.  They are asking the powers that be to assure that they have adequate time to do so and have asked for help from the general public.  The above link wll give you more information about their situation.

65 patients could be transferred to Wernersville State Hospital when Allentown facility closes

This article was one of probably hundreds I found this morning responding to the  the announced closing of Allentown State Hospital.

via 65 patients could be transferred to Wernersville State Hospital when Allentown facility closes.

I’ve barely gotten my first dose of caffeine for the day into me, since I just woke up, but my plan is to post through out the day as I become more awake and alert.

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