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“New mental-health ward slated for Sacred Heart”


The nightmarishly long link above will take you to a full artical on the morning Call website that discusses a new treatment unit being opend at Sacred Heart Hospital in response to the closing of Allentown State Hospital.  The unit will be able to admit folks for upto 180 days according to the article so it will be a longer term unit but smaller in size then Allentown State Hospital.

I do appollogize for the link if it were my work I would have made it MUCH shorter and more humane, but it is the work of the folks at Morning Call.

“Allentown State Hospital Undergoes a Slow Painful Death”

Allentown State Hospitalhttp://www.mcall.com/opinion/yourview/mc-alex-thomas-allentown-state-hospit20100616,0,2105275.story

This is an Opinion article found in The Morning Call talking about what the process of closing Allentown State Hospital has been like so far from the perspective of a staff Psychiatrist who works there.

System ill-prepared for hospital closing – mcall.com

System ill-prepared for hospital closing – mcall.com

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The above link will take you to what I feel is probably a letter to the editor type piece, but I can’t say for sure, it is very short in length, but it does raise an interesting point about the number of calls heard on police radios with regards to folks with mental illnesses

SEIU Rally to keep Allentown State Hospital open

February 2, 2010, members of SEIU 668 rallied in protest of the decision by the DPW to close Allentown State Hospital.  This link will take you to their site where they discuss their views ….  http://www.seiu668.org/Allentown_State_Hospital_Rally_2_2_10.aspx

Department of Public Welfare to Close Allentown State Hospital – FOXBusiness.com

Department of Public Welfare to Close Allentown State Hospital – FOXBusiness.com

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Official News release PA DPW Closing Allentown State Hospital

I found the link I was desperately searching for here is a link to the official news release made today January 28, 2010 by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare announcing that Allentown State Hospital will be closed by December 31, 2010


Special thanks goes out to the person who alerted me to this I might have been slower to pick up on it had it not been for my good friend in the Pittsburgh area sending me the email with the info they know who they are 🙂

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