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“Fitness program for mentally ill expands in NH “

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This article found in the Beaver County Times and dated February 23, 2012, talks about a program in New Hampshire for helping folks with serious mental health issues to improve their overall physical health.  While the article pertains more to a program in New Hampshire, it is something that is being looked at here in Pennsylvania as well.  I receive services from an agency here in Pennsylvania that is beginning to take a serious look at whole health treatment as opposed to looking at me and others in my area as either a mental heath consumer or a physical health patient, this particular agency is beginning to explore ways to treat folks as a whole person focusing on both physical and mental health as a single unit.  I don’t know of other specific agencies in Pennsylvania doing the same thing, but based on hearing about conferences attended by representatives of the agency I receive services from, I think its safe to say that other agencies across Pennsylvania are looking at similar ways of thinking.

“Invisible wounds of war: There’s an app for that?”


This article was found in the Beaver County Times dated, July 26, 2011.  It discusses smartphone apps designed by the Pentagon to help military personal with issues related to PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Inmates with mental health problems challenge court system – Timesonline.com: Police Fire Courts: mental health, john hinckley jr, prison,

Inmates with mental health problems challenge court system

This article was found in the Beaver County Times and discuses some of the issues faced by prisons with regards to folks with mental illnesses who are incarcerated.  The article was posted on April 2, 2011.  Some feel there is a connection between the increase in the number of mentally ill inmates and the closure of various state hospitals.

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