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“Brains get sick too: How neuroscience can teach children about mental health”

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This September 25, 2014 article on The Independent, talks about how something as simple as teaching kids about the brain could help them understand mental illness better and overtime work to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

“Goodnight. Sleep Clean.”


brains! (Photo credit: cloois)

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This January 11, 2014, New York Times article talks about a theory being researched that seems to show that brains go through a cleaning cycle while the body sleeps.  They haven’t been approved to test the theory on humans yet, but animals such as dogs, mice, rats, and chimps all seem to have a built-in cleaning cycle that occurs in their brains during sleep or under anesthetic.  So, just like rest is important after heavy exercise so your muscles can recover, it seems that our brains also need to rest so they can clean toxins out as well.

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“Brain Researchers Spot Decision-Making Center in Rats”

Results from an fMRI experiment in which peopl...

Results from an fMRI experiment in which people made a conscious decision about a visual stimulus. The small region of the brain coloured orange shows patterns of activity that correlate with the decision making process. Crick stressed the importance of finding new methods to probe human brain function. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This November 27, 2013 Health Day article on the Philly.com website talks about a recent scientific discovery about brain function in rats and their ability to make decisions.


“Links to Mental Illness Seen in Fetal Brains: Study”

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This article published on October 26, 2011 on Philly.com talks about studies that have found that genes  pertaining to mental illness seem to be in place before birth.

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