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“SPOTLIGHT ON: Acts of Faith and Giving During Challenging Times”

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This is a spotlight found on the I’m The Evidence Campaign website, it was posted for November/December based on the information on the page.  The piece talks about a couple different Mental Health organizations that have struggled due to budget cuts, and what kind of determination and creative thinking has allowed them to keep going despite financial problems.


“Lawmakers to battle Gov. Corbett on cuts to schools, human services”

Location of state of XY (see filename) in the ...

Location of state of XY (see filename) in the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This June 3, 2012 article on PennLive.com talks about the political battle being waged in Pennsylvania over the Governor’s budget.

“Some moves made while county waits on state budget”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This May 31, 2012 article found on the TimesOnline website talks about efforts being made in Beaver County to try to lessen the impact on the people who receive services at a place called Friendship Ridge

“Cash aid for disabled adults on Pa. chopping block”


budget (Photo credit: 401K)

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This article dated May 15, 2012 on CBSnews.com talks about General Assistance being cut and the legislative battles over it and other similar cuts to the PA state budget, which includes a second proposed budget coming out of the State Senate in response to Gov. Corbett’s budget proposal.

“Service providers face funding reductions” (York and Adams Counties)

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This article published May 11, 2012 on the York Daily Record website talks about specific programs that will likely face huge cuts under Corbett’s budget.

“Social services agencies worry about budget cuts”

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This article dated May 11, 2012 talks about the possibility of job cuts and explains that social service agencies are in crisis mode trying to do more with less.

Rally to be held in Erie, PA

A rally is to be held at 2pm on May 16, 2012 in Perry Square in Erie, PA in protest of Governor Corbett’s proposed 20% budget cut to mental health and intellectual disability funding.

Anyone who is receiving mental health services, has received them or knows someone who fits this category is encouraged to attend.

If you are going to be in Erie, PA  at 2pm on May 16, 2012 please consider attending this rally in Perry Square.

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