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“Philly mental health community reflects on Byberry state hospital closure 25 years later “

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This June 22, 2015 article on the NewsWorks website talks about the need to commemorate the people who suffered at Philadelphia State Hospital or “Byberry” as it is often called.  The article also points out that people with mental health issues generally do better when they can receive services in the community instead of being placed in a large institution.  The article also indicates that by nature, large institutions sacrifice the humanity of the people placed there in exchange for efficiency of the work.

“Strengthening the Consumer Voice in Managed Care …”

I found an interesting article that contains a little of the history of Consumer Satisfaction Teams (CST) in Pennsylvania.  It is an older article, dated January 2002, but still offered some interesting information for those who might be interested in learning more about CST and C/FST in Pennsylvania.  It specifically talks about Philladelphia, PA and the closing of Philladelphia “Byberry” State Hospital and what the role of early CST was during that process.

Here’s the link to the article ….  http://psychservices.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/reprint/53/1/23.pdf

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