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“California prisons alter treatment of mentally ill”


English: Prison cell, Fort Leavenworth. Deutsc...

English: Prison cell, Fort Leavenworth. Deutsch: Gefängniszelle, Fort Leavenworth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This August 2, 2014 TribLive|USWorld article talks about dramatic changes that will be made system wide to the California correctional system on how people with mental illnesses who are in jails or prison are treated during the time they are incarcerated.  Some changes include a ban on the use of pepper spray in mental health detention areas of prisons without special authorization.  Other changes include allowing guards to enter the cell of a person with a mental illness, long enough to administer medication to them, but then leaving the cell without forcibly removing the person from their cell in the process

if at all possible.


“Prop. 63, Mental Health Services Act, not as advertised”

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This Saturday July 7, 2012 article found on the SF Gate website refers to Proposition 63 in California, but there are concerns being raised by some here in Pennsylvania that something


Image by geirt.com via Flickr

of this nature could happen here in Pennsylvania as well.

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