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“100 things to know about Medicare and Medicaid — 2015 update”

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This July 2, 2015 article written by Emily Rappleye and found on Becker’s Hospital CFO website, offers some facts about Medicare, including but not limited to things like, who qualifies, who pays for it, a comparison in the growth of Medicare payment growth compared to that seen in private pay payment growth (bit of an eye-opener when I saw that one) and even talks about the history of the Medicare program including Presidents who start the program or who made changes to it.  There are far too many things for me to list here, but if you want some facts about Medicare and who benefits from it, I highly recommend this particular piece.  It is easy to understand and not written in an overly technical way, so I think anyone should be able to understand it easily.  It is not a complete answer to every question, and doesn’t combat every myth out there, but it does offer a lot of good starting points for understanding Medicare, and it even touches on Social Security a little also.

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“Pennsylvania awaits work-requirement ruling on Medicaid expansion”

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This April 27, 2014 LehighValleyLive.com article talks about what could easily be the calm before the storm as Governor Corbett and people across Pennsylvania wait to hear what the decision of the federal government on Gov. Corbett’s proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion.

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal

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“Pennsylvania pushing Medicaid plan to D.C.”

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This February 19, 2014 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article talks about Governor Corbett’s latest push to gain approval for his alternative to accepting


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English: Tom Corbett at the McCain rally at the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


the federal Medicaid expansion.



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“Doctors Refuse To Accept Medicare Patients”

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This August 9, 2013 article on the HealthCare Technology Online website talks about the drop in the number of physicians accepting Medicare or Medicaid across the country

“CMS Probes Sharp Drop in Pennsylvania Medicaid Rolls”

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Medicaid administrator) logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article found on the Governing the states and localities website dated July 12, 2012, indicates that Pennsylvania is being investigated by the federal government in light of the dropping of over 100,000 Pennsylvanians from the Medicaid program during a time when the DPW was reporting they weren’t able to process the information they were receiving from clients efficiently.

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