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“Should Babies and Toddlers Use iPads?”

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This April 14, 2014 AETNA: Lifestyle article talks about concerns being raised over whether ipads and other “screen” devices should be used to teach or entertain toddlers and infants.  The issue is controversial, but studies are showing that the effects of screen time on developing minds could be harmful to the development of their executive function skills





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“Pediatricians want to do more to prevent toxic stress”

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This article dated January 18, 2012 was found on the NewsWorks website, and while it isn’t specific to Pennsylvania, it is something that could have an impact here.  The article discusses toxic stress and its effect on child development, as well as indicating that pediatricians are concerned and may be able to help screen for the effects of toxic stress on children.

“Mom-to-Be’s Mental State May Affect Child’s Development”

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This article found published on Philly.com’s website on Thursday, November 17, 2011, talks about a recent study indicating that the mental health of Mom before, during and after  pregnancy can effect the unborn child during the pregnancy as well as after birth.

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