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“A proposed law would make it easier for the mentally ill to be treated, but would it come at the expense of their rights?”

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This June 18, 2014 Pittsburgh City Paper article talks about the ongoing controversy surrounding Rep. Tim Murphy’s proposed mental health reform bill.

“Is mental health care reform the answer to mass shootings?”

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This May 29, 2014 segment on the Newsy website raises questions about mental health care in the united states, gun control, and the civil rights of people with mental illnesses.

English: Insulin shock therapy is given in Lap...

English: Insulin shock therapy is given in Lapinlahti Hospital, Helsinki in 1950’s Suomi: InsuliiniÅ¡okkihoitoa Lapinlahden sairaalassa Helsingissä 1950-luvulla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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