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“A Psychiatrist Opposes H.R. 2646: Here’s Why”

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This December 7, 2015 letter to Congressman Upton from Coni Kalinowski, MD
Medical Director, Mojave Adult, Child, and Family Services
University of Nevada School of Medicine, talks about why she opposes H.R. 2646 from the perspective of a Psychiatrist.

“Should Parents Ever Deceive Their Child to Get Them Psychiatric Help?”

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This October 14, 2014, More Than Borderline Blog post on the Healthy Place website talks about the impact that deceiving someone into receiving mental health treatment can have not only on the person who was deceived, but also on the person’s relationship with the people who deceived them not just immediately, but for years afterwards.

“The Dangers of Coercive Mental Health Care”

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This blog post on Psych Central talks about a December 22, 2013 article on the subject of coerced treatment of mental illness and the dangers of going down such a path




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